Carers Victoria services

Carers Victoria Educational Programs and Workshops

Carers Victoria offers carer workshops and educational programs to help you enhance your knowledge about how to best support your own health and wellbeing, and that of the person you are caring for. Through our Education Service you will be able to explore the impact of caring on your emotional and physical health. You will also gain practical advice on how to navigate the health and community sector. This guide contains an overview of the different information sessions, workshops and programs available to carers and Carer Support Groups from a diverse range of situations and communities.


Carers Victoria Carer Kit

The electronic Carer Kit provides information relating to a range of services provided by Carers Victoria and others. There are also some tips and
information to assist you in your caring role.

Carers Victoria counselling

Counselling can help you make useful changes in your life, you can explore ways to cope better with the responsibilities of caring and help balance caring with the rest of your life.