Learn online now

Learn online now

Our online learning modules cover a range of topics and formats, you can explore our courses below.

NDIS Snapshots for Carers

The NDIS Snapshots for Carers Series has been designed to make it easy for busy carers to get up to speed on everything they need to know about the NDIS. They are as easy to use on a phone as they are on a computer, which means you can quickly skim them to read the highlights or carefully explore the detail and follow the links to learn more.

My Daily Dose: Self Care For Carers

It can be difficult to balance caring for others, whilst also taking care of your own health and wellbeing. Tune into a 10-minute video each day for 5 days to learn simple strategies that any busy person can use to improve health and wellbeing.

NDIS Carers Online

NDIS Carers Online is also an online space that aims to provide information, resources, links, webinars, podcasts and more for carers that may not be able to attend face to face education NDIS sessions. The content is managed by Carers Victoria for carers of people transitioning to the NDIS and implementing the NDIS plan. The information is broken down into themes from Intro to NDIS, Accessing the NDIS, pre-planning and to Managing the NDIS.

Young LGBTIQ Carers

This module provides resources and strategies to help workers better support and empower young carers who are LGBTIQ. The module will introduce how to be more aware of the needs of young LGBTIQ carers, including principles of inclusive practice and strategies for responding to the needs of young LGBTIQ carers. Primarily designed for service providers, this module will benefit all people with an interest in supporting young LGBTIQ carers. 


Planning in a Changing Environment

The systems that support us are changing. Recent reforms to the disability, aging and mental health sectors, mean we need to think differently about how we plan the supports for the people we care for. This 25 minute module will guide you through the changing environment and explain how carers can prepare for the change.


Give me a Break

This 1-hour module will help carers understand the benefits of and barriers to respite, and give ideas on how to find some time for themselves.

Supporting your Ageing Parent

When taking on the care of ageing parents, it is hard to know what services are available and how to get assistance. This 1 hour module, will discuss where to start, help you find  what's out there and give some tips on navigating the aged care system.

Communicating with Professionals

Throughout the caring journey, carers are likely to have many encounters with those working in the ‘paid' caring professions as well as health and allied health professionals. This 1 hour module is designed to assist carers to develop and maintain positive relationships and communication with these professional groups.


Voting is for Everyone

Voting is a right of all Victorians. In October 2016, all Victorian councils except Greater Geelong Council had elections. Local Councils provide services and support that carers, and the people they care, for use every day.


Learning online not for you?

Don’t forget we offer a broad range of face to face learning opportunities for carers and service providers. You can find out more on our Education Services page

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