The NDIS Snapshots for Carers Series has been designed to make it easy for busy carers to get up to speed on everything they need to know about the NDIS. 

They are as easy to use on a phone as they are on a computer, which means you can quickly skim them to read the highlights or carefully explore the detail and follow the links to learn more. 

If you have any problems with the snapshots feel free to send us an email.



Snapshot 1: Introduction to the NDIS

This snapshot will give you a general introduction to the NDIS



Snapshot 2: Accessing the NDIS

This snapshot will guide you through the process to gain access to the NDIS



Snapshot 3: Planning for the NDIS

This Snapshot will help you to make a start on planning for the NDIS



Snapshot 4: Turning Plans into Actions


This snapshot will give you some advice on what to do once you have had an NDIS plan approved



Snapshot 5: Your Rights! Plan Reviews, Feedback and Complaints

This snapshot will provide some advice on what steps you can take if you run into some problems along the way.



Snapshot 6: Options for Managing an NDIS plan

This snapshot will explain what is meant by the different plan management options, to help you to figure out which option will work best



Snapshot 7: Common Carer Questions


This snapshot answers the most common questions we receive when talking to carers.



Carers Victoria recognises that all individuals and caring situations are unique. We believe every individual should be respected and their experiences, emotions and beliefs valued. 

Carers Victoria is here to help you.