Caring for someone with a specific condition (Dementia)

About dementia: what is it?

What is dementia, what are the early signs and why a timely medical diagnosis is important. 

Diagnosing dementia

What are the early signs of dementia and the techniques used to diagnose dementia and the importance of an early and correct diagnosis.

Caring for someone with dementia? You might need to take a break

Why it's important to take a break from caring, how to organise it and who can help.

Diagnosis: informing the person with dementia

How to talk to the person with dementia about their diagnosis and some practical ways to talk about the diagnosis with the person with dementia.  

Looking after someone with dementia? How to take care of yourself

It is very important that families and carers look after themselves while they are caring for someone with dementia. 

Men and caring: are you a man who cares for someone with dementia?

Many men find themselves caring for someone with dementia. Most of these men are caring for their wives, although male carers can also include sons, brothers and friends. 

Caring for someone who has dementia and lives alone

While most people live with a partner or in some type of family situation, increasingly many people live alone. 

Coping after the death of someone with dementia

When a person with dementia dies, their family and carers often experience a range of feelings.

Dementia and employment

If you have been diagnosed with dementia and you are working, here are some suggestions for making decisions about changes in your work life.

Dementia: how to decide on residential care

Residential care is available for people with dementia - here's what to look for and some practical suggestions for making the move.