Specialist clinics

Specialist clinics offer expert assessment and diagnosis as well as a number of other services.

What are specialist clinics?

Specialist clinics offer expert assessment and diagnosis as well as a number of other services information on treatment options, information and advice on managing day-to-day concerns or problems, as well as referral to other health professionals or services that may help.

Some clinics are run at a centre often located near a hospital, while others offer the service in the home.

Specialist clinics include but are not limited to the following (they may have different names in different states):

Falls and mobility clinics

Understanding why falls have occurred can help in identifying ways to reduce further risks. For example, medication changes may help, aids and equipment may be needed, or strategies such as removing mats at home may help to prevent future falls.

Pain management clinics

Exploring reasons for pain and minimising it can lead to a better quality of life. Pain management may involve medications, treatments and learning new ways to manage this on a day-to-day basis.

Continence clinics

Resolving or finding better ways to manage continence issues can help restore dignity as well as confidence in leaving the house. A continence assessment can identify treatment options, management strategies and continence aides or products that may make caring a lot easier.

Cognitive, dementia and memory service (CDAMS)

Understanding the reason for memory loss or changes to thinking is important. It can help in identifying appropriate treatment options as well as better ways of self-managing the condition or difficulties. Advice about management strategies can be of great help and comfort when caring.


Generally, there is no cost - funded by the Victorian Government. How to make a referral GPs can make a referral directly to a specialist clinic. However, you may also contact the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) for information and advice. 

Waiting lists

Waiting lists for appointments are likely to apply. If you believe your situation is urgent make sure the clinic is aware of this - they will give you priority if they can.