Stand up and be heard

Compliments, criticisms and dealing with conflict

Sometimes carers and staff face conflict. Often this has to do with expectations about the care provided and the rights of the resident but what is the best way to handle this?

Medical staff in hospitals

What are the roles of medical staff in the hospital setting?

The hospital ward - how it works day-to-day

Participating in the caring of your loved one is paramount - whether they're in hospital or at home. But how do hospitals work?

Discharge from hospital - the options

What you should know about the discharge process.

How to make a formal complaint

Despite our best efforts, concerns raised will sometimes remain unresolved. Here's how and when to use internal and external complaints systems.

Allied health staff in hospitals

Allied health staff are health professionals who work with medical and nursing staff to provide patient care.

Nursing and other staff in hospitals

As a carer you'll become quite accustomed to seeing nursing staff at the hospital, but there is more than one type of nurse. 

Your rights in the hospital setting

While some carers and families have positive experiences with hospitals, others don't. Whatever your experience, it's very important to know your rights.

Aged care assessment in hospital - what you need to know

Aged care teams work in partnership with carers and families in supporting their family member.